Ameri-pros Painting and drywall contractors work in a upstairs room area

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My father was extremely skilled and one of the most critical attributes to have when it comes to being skilled is patients. My father never hunted but everyone told him he would be a great hunter because of his patients. One of my early learned skills that he taught me was painting at the age of 6 he sat me down handed end me a edged brush an had me practice making a straight line by following as he would the bead.
He always told no matter what you hear not everyone knows how to paint and no matter what you do right's was taught at a very young age ,also that painting is more than putting paint on a wall, you had to know what type of paint for what type of application ,what type of primer ,the type of applicator how to apply it.

What movement to use how to set up your work site , what type of protection for what type of application, for example you don't want to use a oil paint with a thin plastic it could possibly melt and cause a permanent stain, always use your turpentine in a well vented area not in a tight living area adults as well as children can get severely ill ,all because someone thought that painting was just opening the can and painting? There is allotting more to know.

A painted home  outside white paint
A newly painted chidrens room baige color

What you need to Know about Drywall

The question to ask your self is how can I make my drywall come out looking good if I can't paint and how can I make my paint look good if I can't make my drywall look good, the answer is you can make one look good without the other, being in the union was like being in the marines, No matter how bad a recruit was with a gun he would become a expert by the end of boot camp and that is true with the training I received in the union .with a gun you were everyone came out an expert.

drywall being applied to inside of home  

Fresh Coat Paint&Trim

painting drywall work completed and it looks fantastic !

The Union made me a trowel trade expert that means that any location that calls for a trowel I am provision at it.

Drywall delivered

lifting drywall into house on the second floor

From brick to stone concert. To drivet, from drywall foundation sealing, if calls for a trowel I'm the guy

Drywall installation

drywall installed and painted by one of our workers

I am saying birds of a feather flock together so that is why I flock with the best, so I can insure you will get the best.

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